Hello, I'm Clare Barry - author and founder of Urban Curiosity. My work explores the intersection of creativity, curiosity and human connection in a digital world. And London in the real one. 


Vanity Fair, Women's Health, In-Style and Balance have featured my work. I have been a speaker and panelist on themes of work/life balance, burnout, wellbeing and city living at places like The Hoxton and Soho House. I am a contributor to the upcoming Department Store for the Mind's books on how to live a good life. Each week, I host the Urban Curiosity podcast, and interview urbanites from all over the world to explore what it means to thrive in cities addicted to speed. 


What is Urban Curiosity?

In 2014, I founded Urban Curiosity - a creativity and wellness company that helps busy people slow down and see things differently.  Join us. 

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Read my thoughts and observations on the art of writing and interviewing, creative entrepreneurship and how to be human in a digital world.

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About me 

This I love: slow walks in London and getting lost on purpose. I heart Dolly Parton lyrics and live for people-watching and serendipitous conversations. Burnout forced me to see things differently.


The Urban Curiosity founder was far from the tie-dyed, dread-locked, ‘I spent one week in an Ashram’ mindfulness leader I had been expecting. She was an everyday Londoner, someone who had been there, done that and could talk to us without being condescending. 

— Design My Night at the Hoxton, Holborn