Hello, I'm Clare Barry - Londoner, author, speaker and founder of Urban Curiosity. I believe a curious life is an extraordinary life. And that eye contact is a beautiful thing.


My work explores the intersection of creativity, curiosity and human connection in a digital world.

And London in the real one. 

I have been featured by Vanity Fair, Women's Health, In-Style, Balance, and I am a contributor to the upcoming Department Store for the Mind's books on how to live a good life.


What is Urban Curiosity?

In 2014, I founded Urban Curiosity - a creativity and wellness company that helps busy people slow down and see things differently.  Join us. 

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Read my thoughts and observations on the art of writing and interviewing, creative entrepreneurship and how to be human in a digital world.

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About me 

This I love: slow walks in London and getting lost on purpose. I heart Dolly Parton lyrics and live for people-watching and serendipitous conversations. Burnout forced me to see things differently.


The Urban Curiosity founder was far from the tie-dyed, dread-locked, ‘I spent one week in an Ashram’ mindfulness leader I had been expecting. She was an everyday Londoner, someone who had been there, done that and could talk to us without being condescending. 

— Design My Night at the Hoxton, Holborn